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The Philly Shop Towel

There's a reason people love the Fresh Towel Center Pull Shop Towel. Not only is it made with love right here in Philly, supporting the local North Philly community and economy, it's also meticulously designed and crafted with care.

Our original, custom formula is made sustainably from locally sourced materials by the people in our neighborhood, many of whom have called Fresh Towel home for decades.

Human hands carefully craft, check, and pack every roll into every box, ensuring the highest quality shop towel for the best cleaning experience possible. We stand by our promise of a better clean with every wipe.

The Center Pull Shop Towel has been a must-have among auto and bike mechanics, commercial cleaners, janitorial, and factory workers for years - we've been in the neighborhood for 40+ years!

As tends to happen with quality products, word spread fast. The industrial workers who knew and loved our towels started bringing them home to their families, because - well, you won't find a better towel anywhere. Certainly not traditional paper towels sold in stores.

The Fresh Towel Center Pull Shop Towel is 10x stronger, more absorbent, more durable, and longer lasting than a regular paper towel, and comes with 300 sheets per roll for a value that's impossible to beat.

Before we knew it, people everywhere were buying our towels for home cleaning, bike cleaning, grill cleaning, day-after-a-party cleaning (we've all been there - and you do NOT want to use a flimsy paper towel), you name it. Some people rinse or wash the disposable paper towels and get multiple uses from a single disposable towel.

We've even seen people get creative, using our original center pull shop towel as replacement Swiffer sweeper pads, or mixing it with cleaning solutions to create their own disinfecting wipes to protect their workplaces and families from spreading infections.

At this point, the Fresh Towel Center Pull Shop Towel is nothing less than a cult classic, and our customers are fanatic about the towel's quality material, economical value, and most importantly, the relief it brings to know just how much they can get done in a single wipe.

Try yours today - we know you'll love them as much as everyone else!